A lot of potential, which just was not pulled off right.

User Rating: 6.4 | World Racing 2 PC
This game has a lot of potential, there are beautifully modeled racing locations, large selection of road cars and off-road cars, only the ever-present flaws spoil it all. Everything is left for the career mode so you earn "Speedbucks" to unlock tracks and cars. And career is the major fault of World Racing 2.

Handling in the career is just plain awful, because you cannot select from 100% arcade to 100% simulation, like you can in Free Race mode. Career handling is preset to 100% arcade with something called "Arcade PLUS," which does not do anything as far as I can tell or it makes the cars even worse. In this arcade setting, you cannot use keyboard because any little adjustment to the car's direction slows you down, so you are always overtaken. You have the option of engaging the traction control, which is useful with rear-wheel drive cars, but there is no ABS!! So, you have to brake very carefully and again with keyboard it’s really hard. So you’d probably want use steering wheel and pedals, yes, but still when you get into a bend going uphill, the car just spins out of control.

Career had potential too, you could trace some bits of story, and there’s good balance between off-road and on-road racing. But career is so frustrating, which makes it almost a chore not a joy to play. You can get stuck in career, because the game does not want to unlock next race, even though you completed the required races, so you need to go back and race again the challenges, in which you did not earn gold.

However, once you earn some points in career, you can finally go spend them on tracks and cars in the Free Race. Here, you can select between simulation and arcade, obviously you'd want more of a simulation, which makes the cars behave more naturally. Great thing is that each car has unique handling.

My most favorite part of the game was the "JOYRIDE," which lets you freely drive around any location, not a specific race itinerary. And with a steering wheel, after only short practice, you can power-slide your AMG Mercedes round corners, which is great fun. Even when you get your car dirty or smashed up (there is some level of damage), you can stop at a Petrol Station, where your car is fixed and there's even a car wash!

There is even Split-screen Multiplayer, which cannot be found in most today’s racing games. So you get to play with your friends or a girlfriend, which is fun.

All in all, World Racing 2 could easily have been a hit, only if it has been patched up a bit. Even the flaws can be overseen, once you are in Free Race, which truly is quite fun.