The chick on the cover or main page is hot...

User Rating: 6.2 | World Racing 2 PC
Ok so i just played the DEMO. I know the full version will have lots more to offer. But here's my problem. The demo could not keep my interest att all. When i started to drive through the bushes with this big ass Volkswagen Taureg that's when i lost my interest. I was difficult and sorta impossable. I just did not feel like trying again. I feels like a simulation the way it drives and i was using a steering wheel. Did try it with my controller but that felt too akward. So i suggest getting a steering wheel.

Grahics are good someplace and not so wonderful other places. To be honest i doubt if i'd get the full version seeing as the demo could not even rev my motor.

Flatout 2 seems a better deal and offcoarse GTR2 much better.