SO much potential, but SO flawed

User Rating: 5 | World of Warships PC

Amazing graphics, dynamic gameplay, lots of customization, but a huge contradiction. There is the option of clan battles, ranked battles and playing pubs in divisions, but that requires some dedication and time commitment. If you are a casual, but competitive gamer like me who does't have the time for the previously mentioned, pubs playing is a nightmare and simply frustrating. They could balance the line-ups based on player rating. There are many third party as well as in-house methods of tracking this. However, this is something they apparently are against, yet constantly fidget with the ships themselves for 'balancing.' It's a contradiction and a HUGE blind spot that makes an otherwise amazing game just not worth the time. Games can be predicted before they begin by looking at the skill-base of the respective team line-ups. Also pubs is really the only way to advance your ship research, upgrade to other ships and earn in-game goodies.