Cap'n of the Seven Seas

User Rating: 8 | World of Warships PC

And boom. There falls another cruiser. You celebrate with your fellow mates as you venture forth the high seas, looking cautiously for another kill. But be careful, your enemies are also hunting you down. Every move could be your last, as you venture into precarious territory. World of Warships is a concentrated multiplayer game, in which you control a ship through the mystifying seas. You will require a vigilant eye, as your enemy ships draw nearer towards you. Each shot could send you down in flames, and into the pits of death.

World of Warships offer a range of ships to build upon. World of Warships also offer four different classes ranging between the agile destroyers to the mighty battleships. Each ship offers their own advantages, while keeping it relatively weak in other aspects. The destroyer ships may be the weakest, but they are the fastest, making any getaways all the more effective, while the battleships are relatively large in size, and are heavily gunned, but are slow in speed. And there's the cruiser, a ship that has quite a decent amount of artillery and armoury, sitting between the other two ships.

However, it's not all about the fancy advantages and disadvantages of each ship that's fascinating, but rather, how they play against other ships in an online match. Each online match is evenly spread out in terms of the spread of ships, making it seem more fairly constructed. You wouldn't see a match with one team of cruisers and another team of battleships. The maps are landmarked with islands, all ranging in size, where teams are able to build walls in time against the ambush of the opposing side.

It is so easily to get drawn into the World of Warships' design. The islands are coated with the thick layer of mossy stone, as well as having that forest-y feeling to it. And because it runs extraordinarily smoothly, it's such a sensation to steer through. The ships, as well, are embellished, from its overlaying rusty-like texture around its hulls to the turrets themselves. What's also great about the design is that the nature of the game also changes from time to time. You could be battling during the sunsets, having the extra light beaming down at your ship, as you valiantly fight for your team; the next, you could be battling through the harsh weathers of lightning. Luckily, the weather pattern has no effect on the seas, encouraging you to fight harder against your adversaries, without the need to fight nature.

World of Warships delivers an amazing experience of what it's like to face off out in the seas. From killing another player in the process to the excitement and ecstatic feeling of unlocking a new tier for your ship, World of Warships offer a wonderful adventure into the waters of the vast seas as you seek out another kill in your long-awaited war battle in this free-to-play phenomenon.