WoW slowly kills you with its sweet poison and turns you into a big, fat, greedy, Golem-esque shell of a human being

User Rating: 3.1 | World of Warcraft PC
I played WoW for much of a year and during that time I didn't do much else. After I emerged from the bottomless void, I realized that the engrossing nature of the game is both its greatest strength and its greatest weakness.

The game is designed to keep you busy, to keep you working around the clock to achieve goals made so difficult and time consuming that it reaches the point of ridiculousness. Want to craft a legendary weapon or obtain your level one and two epic set? Better quit your job and save Domino's online delivery website to your favorites folder.

Once you reach level 60, the game becomes a huge life suck. At this point, you can't level up anymore so the game revolves around completing complicated multiplayer objectives involving a 40-man raid group and usually taking 3-5 hours. Typically you work together to down bosses and obtain rare weapons and armor that aren't guaranteed to drop.

Coincidentally, other people in your raid want to obtain the same items. Without a good system to disseminate items, the game quickly devolves into a greed fest.

And EVERYONE becomes greedy after playing this game for a prolonged period of time at level 60. The game is like the "one-ring" that based on its very design corrupts even the most noble soul.

Pretty soon, all your raid mates -- who were supposed to be your friends --are like "gimme the PRECIOUSSSSS. The Purple PRECIOUSSSS!!!!!
I deserves it, I needs it!!!"

It's like Lord of the Flies, but in the form of a video game.

Yes, the game gets that fricken ridiculous. The reason behind this greed is that Blizzard has purposefully limited the number of times a week you are allowed to raid in these end game instances to obtain the rare items you need to progress.

Blizzard's reasons for doing this are obvious. If you obtained everything you wanted quickly and fairly then you would not need to play the game anymore, and Blizzard would lose out on your $15 a month.

Do yourself a favor and get a gym membership instead of this game. Your girlfriend, waist line and sex life will thank you. Trust me on this one.