Very boring. No incentives to keep playing.

User Rating: 1 | World of Warcraft PC
The game is terrible for some, great for others. I've played the trial for nine days now, and it's rather boring. It takes so long to level up, and the only good thing about this is that there are quests, but even they get boring from time to time. A good thing about this is that the game has large cities such as Stormwind, but nothing else appeals to me. The instances aren't that great, and overall, it's just like levelling up for no reason. I wanted to buy the game, but now I'm having different feelings. It's just not my cup of tea. Others like it, I respect that, but there's really nothing to discuss exept for the large amount of players playing. There really is nothing special about this game that you can find out somewhere else.

Still, download the trial, try it for yourself, you may not agree with me here until you've tried it for yourself! Play it and enjoy!