So is it worth coming back too ?

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This expansion good  ? The group of people I game with are all on the fenece about coming back. Keep hearing mixed things.

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Well, i personally as a fairly new WoW player think it is totally worth going back to. The MoP expansion pack hasn't neccesarily brought everything with it that players wanted but I for one find the Pandarens great! (Though the kids are a little creepy 'Hey, you wanna play?...' Even if you don't have the expansion, the update still brought plenty of new stuff. However, i wouldn't recommend coming back and continuing a high level character as environments may feel unfamiliar if you haven't been online since before cataclysm , but if you have feel free to keep playing with this character and experience loads and loads of new content.


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Wows a great game. However the expansion added a great deal. They are almost back above their subscription breaking point that they lost awhile back. They definitely made a lot of huge improvements, and are releasing another content patch soon.
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Can't get more for your money in entertainment then the $.50 cents a day it costs to play the game. And if your brand new and not using the instant lvl 90 cap (which I don't recommend since starting from lvl 1 allows you to really learn your class) there is so much content and environments to enjoy. No MMO on the market can offer you more then Warcraft.