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i hav just got WoW and i am downloading all the patches as we speak and i was wondering if any1 could recommend me a pvp server with a friendly community with players who help noobs like me
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If you haven't played yet, go to EU servers immediately, most of the US servers are crybabies who complain about losing every second. EU servers are for real pros ;) Kor'gal, Sylvanas, Ysondre, they're all nice :) For class and race: choose Tauren Druid, it's a great combination, you can choose either tanking, healing or DPS I created a Tauren Druid when I began playing WoW, so personally it's an awesome class :)
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Friendly communities don't exist in WoW.

EU servers tend to be a bit more successful than NA servers.

If there is anything good about WoW, it's that WoW tends to be more noob friendly.  You can pick up the game easily and solo, and queue for dungeons.  A lot of older games aren't like that.

They just don't make MMO's the way the used to.  /sigh

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