Free Guides for World of Warcraft!

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Hi I run a website called Free Mmorpg Guides where i share free guides with the Mmorpg Community. The site is updated daily with new guides and a lot of other stuff. You can check out the WoW section at if you want some free leveling / gold / other guides for WoW :)
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For more guides for playing world of warcraft including in-game real time guides you can check out

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#3 Posted by hlilibrhim (25 posts) - Look at this my friend...
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This is pretty helpful and a good place to start when looking for guides:
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Free guides are great and kudos to all those that take the time to write them up, seriously the effort required is pretty massive. I have to admit though I use a paid one but it is great it is really easy to get all the info out of. I guess when people are doing it for a job they can waste more time finding out every little tip and trick. If you wanna check out the one I use try having a look at this one.

I know paying for a guide is a drag but this one is pretty cheap and is well worth it if you hate grinding as much as I do :)