lol at all the people calling is simple

User Rating: 9.5 | World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria PC
The game isn't even completely released yet. None of you even tried out the raids to know if the game is simple. I played since Vanilla of this game and never have the 5 man dungeons been hard. Never has the questing been hard. 5 mans are only there to prepare you for raids not to be stuck in 5 man dungeons before trying to progress tor raids.
I'm only writing this review because everyone is judging it before getting to know the game more and it's just silly. Wait for the raids... wait for the PvP to be actually released. Think of this like an appetizer before trying out what you really ordered.
If you found the previous normal and heroic 5 man dungeons hard before then you sure don't know how to play.To be honest I like MoP more than any expansion and I could care less for the new race so it's not that. They added a lot more stuff to do and now I don't have a reason to be afk in Stormwind. They have pet battles to keep yourself busy. A lot more daily quests with some unique features to it. The 5 man heroics are easy but yet fun... one reason for that are the number of mechanics added. They added a looooot more mechanics and it's no longer a take one step to the right every 2 mins and sit still while burning the boss. They brought back World bosses. They gave account wide mounts and achievements + titles. I can keep going but it would be pointless to explain unless you actually gave it a test drive completely and tried out the new raids and pvp.