WOT fails in every aspect

User Rating: 1 | World of Tanks PC

Overall, at first the game looks great, once you get into it, it starts to frustrate you, then it becomes unbearable. Then you decide to uninstall.

I have tried to give a summary myself – see below.

Other than that I can only say that KorleeM got it right, in his review.

Be prepared to play and be disappointed….As a minimum you have to purchase a premium account, which makes the game quite expensive.

WOT developers for sure lacks a professional attitude due to the constant "rebalancing" of tanks, introduction of new tanks, maps and gamemode.
Instead of fixing obvious bugs ingame.
At best they ignore you, at worst they ban you for telling the truth.
Their lead developer clearly has an issue with germany, as their tanks are getting nerfed, despite they were some of the worlds best tanks - they don't stand a chance against russian tanks, in game.

From my point of view I cannot recommend this game to anyone, unless they are willing to spend butloads of money (make sure you can get a loan in order to support the bills) for researching the great tanks, only to discover they are getting "nerfed" in the next patch – which means you will spend even more money in order to get the "new tanks" which are buffed just until next patch (Wheel never stops).

Spending time with an ever increasing frustration of Game crashes. Matchmaking which isn't in any way trying to make the random battles balanced, which effectively means either you get steamrolled or you will steamroll others.

Not fun in the long run, and will cost you money in the long run. Conclusion:Find another game spending you time on, WOT cannot be recommended!

PS. feel free to figure out yourself, and then come back after a couple of months, then you will agree….