World of Tanks a game id always recommend.

User Rating: 9 | World of Tanks PC
This game is amazing and definitely adds new flavor to Online PC gaming. The best thing about the game is its F2P with the option to get added bonuses by paying cash.

It has a great selection of tanks and other fighting vehicles from mass produced tanks to prototypes to even tanks that only existed on blueprints, all these add a richness to the game other WW2 based games lack. On top of this almost every tank has a extensive list of upgrades, from guns to engines and each tank is tiered and well balanced with a few exceptions.

Each tank is well modeled and well textured with detail rarely seen on other games, each and every tank has a wreck model as well, so destroyed tanks stay on the field which can now be push and used for cover.

The maps are good, well detailed and nice to look at.

The combat is paced well with many tactical possibility's and each battle will be different from the last.
Each tank also has close to historical stats, from guns and armour, so shooting in the same place may not guarantee causing damage the second time round.

The currency off the game is good with; Tank specific experience which can only be used to research upgrades for that particular tank,
Free Experience which can be used on any Tank. Then there's the Credits which is used to buy tanks, researched upgrades, ammo, equipment, consumables, resupply and repair. Then finally there's gold, which can pay for something called premium (gives the 50% gain to exp and creds), premium tanks, ammo, conversion to credits or Tank specific experience to Free Experience.

Overall the game is good.

The only things that let it down are certain maps, the Matchmaker,
Ghost shells, arty (in my opinion still to accurate).