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User Rating: 5.5 | World of Tanks PC
I started back in sept of 10 and to date I have become very disappointed in the game. It is fast becoming a Pay2win. Game still has some of it major bugs since beta seemingly with little effort from the devs to correct them. Time to put out an update takes anywhere to 2 months or more. The evolution of game keeps losing it flavor of a tank combat more to the liking of a real time age of empires rush your opponent. With the introduction of the new speed tanks they have taken tank combat out of it. Its whoever can wipe out the arty first can win the battle.

Arty has gotten so big that any close radius damage can destroy your tank with 1 shot. Maps continue to be small players continue to complain that some maps are so bad that they need to be removed. Clan wars cant say alot about it but its not for small clans. Scheduling is a real issue here aswell as alot of players cannot participate in these wars. I try to be as objective as I can be but for those that enjoy this type of game play where no real experience is necessary to play it. One thing about this game they do have nice maps. Tank are well detailed but BIAS in nationality is self-evident