Short term addiction

User Rating: 8 | World of Tanks PC
I'm enjoying the game thus far as a short term fix until something like Skyrim comes out. Not similar at all i know, but i play almost every genre of PC game and this one is a nice short term addiction.

Basically you start out with a very slow, not that accurate armored unit and build up your exp. until you can progress to a better unit. You also build up the abilities of your crew as you play through many battles..
You can choose German, Soviet Union, or American armored units.
I do find it interesting they chose to exclude British tanks but i guess three factions was enough for the game developers.

You can progress down the path of three main types of armored units, Tanks (starting with light, then medium, then heavy) Tank Destroyers, and Artillery. Each has a very specific set of skills they can bring to the battlefield.

Light tanks are excellent scouts because they are the quickest, most maneuverable units in the game. They are also very good at rushing bases, causing a bit of havoc, then retreating and waiting for tougher units to arrive.

Medium tanks are, well, a good in between with better armor and slightly better armament. Not quite as maneuverable though.

Heavies are excellent at taking and dishing out pain but they have to watch for smaller units outflanking them and especially getting behind them since all tanks have a vulnerability in the rear and sides.

Tank Destroyers are sort of a hybrid, used specifically for ambushing unsuspecting units but they lack the mobility of small tanks making them very vulnerable in the open. they can play multiple roles, either defending or as added firepower in assaulting an area. They aren't front line units so their play style is more of a hide, assault, then retreat when necessary style of play. I'm enjoying this class but it does play differently than the normal tanks.

Artillery units are the main firepower in the game. They must rely on hiding to survive. They dish out extreme damage from a distance but are very weak on defense.

When you start a normal battle your are grouped with other players online. Each team can consist of any assortment of nations and types of units, usually a mix of every class of tank, tank destroyer and artillery. You are pitted against a rival team with the same number of units but not necessarily same number of types, so every fight is a mixed bag. They supposedly group each battle so that its evenly matched based on units abilities across the board which makes it newbie friendly, or when you start a new class.

You win battles in one of two ways. Either destroy every enemy unit in the field or capture the enemies base by camping near the enemy flag without taking damage for a short duration.

You can choose to grind it out for free or pay to progress a bit faster in your various tech trees. Either way you are always pitted with and against units that are relatively in the same class as your own. The difference is really how fast you want to avoid the inevitable progression grind.

All in all i like this game. It has its minor flaws but it's relatively easy to get into and play. I do wish there were more maps though.