So far, so good. But not as good as I initially thought.

User Rating: 7 | World of Tanks PC
Now that I've played this game for more than 20 hours my initially very positive review has to be lessened. It is still true that the graphics can be bumped up so that the tank models look quite nice, and the environments are still solid.( In fact, some aspects of the environment are destructible and this is nicely linked to the game play. ( EG spotting, targeting and even being detected by enemy artillery is based on how much damage you are doing to your surroundings; all are affected by the terrain)

However, the problem I now have with the game is that once you upgrade your initial light tank, there seems to be a huge gulf between the players who pay and those who do not. When I started this game I was able to destroy a couple of other tanks every game but now, after upgrading my tank and advancing into the second round, almost -all- of my rounds bounce off the enemy and I am invariably killed.

Still, there are positives to be found here. The battles are pretty short and about 13000 ppl are online each time I have logged on. That's great for a FTP game. And, lag isn't bad at all, and, as I am in the middle of nowhere Western Canada, I'm happy with that as well.

Anyway, the price is right so give it a try if you want to experience the cat and mouse gameplay of the tank battles while "developing" your particular tank of choice in a lot of different ways. Just don't expect the same amount of fun after the first 20 hours unless you are willing to pay.