Great as long as you drive russian tanks!

User Rating: 4 | World of Tanks PC
Bad as long as you drive american and german tanks!

Overall gameplay, well, the game sucks you in and wount let go. You may rage all ya want at this game, but for some weird reason it still pulls ya back in. Only one gamemode as of now and thats standard capture and hold enemy flag, or kill all theyr tanks.

Gameplay as german is fine as long as you dont mind having weakspots penetrated all the time, your tank burn up or your ammorack detonate!

Amerian tanks have no armor..

Developers are clearly soviet biased since most of the russian tanks are clearly OP ! They bounce shells like there is no tomorow and they get insanely powerful guns compared to the american and german tank lines.

And, it has one of the worst support/developers ever!
Be careful when posting on theyr forums, you will get nearly a RO ban for slight negative comments about the game, posts dissapear like kgb has been sniffin around etc.

Even tho, its still a good game for a f2p, but i wouldnt advice paying for premium content untill the dev`s get a grip and start listening to theyr comunity!

Just my 2 cents anyways:)