If you want a fun, unique, multiplayer game where you get to shoot other tanks, W.o.T. is right for you!

User Rating: 8.5 | World of Tanks PC
World of Tanks (W.o.T.) is a newer game that is either Free to Play or if you want more, you can buy a premium membership and get coins to buy more tanks, tank slots, etc. There are 5 classes, Light Tank, Medium Tank, Heavy Tank, Self-Propelled Guns (SPG), and Tank Destroyers. There are 4 countries, United States, France, Germany, and Russia. All which have their own tanks. There are many different maps ranging from a small town in Germany, to a large open field in France. Players can join crews enabling you to chat with each other, or you can just free lance.

Most people I've seen just free lance on their own time but once you get into higher tiers (based on your tank, equipment, xp, etc) , more people will be in crews, have better tanks, and be more agressive. It takes time unless you are willing to pay money for certain items, but F2P players aren't left out of the fun as it's easy to get a good tank fast.

All in all, World of Tanks is a good game and is enjoyable for just about anyone.

Final Rating: B --- 8.5