Warning: Requires intelligence and common sense, not just brute force like MW3 or other shooters.

User Rating: 9 | World of Tanks PC
World of Tanks if a great game. It has a wide variety of tanks and many maps. It offers many things. The only thing I have a problem is, is with the gold. World of Tanks is a multiplayer game where you cooperate with team mates to capture or destroy enemy vehicles. It does NOT require money to get through and is misunderstood by many newbies because of the lack of knowing world of tanks requires no money to get through. The tanks are spread through 10 tiers where you are set into battles with tanks tiers higher or lower than you depending on your rank. For example if you are a scout tank you will be set in higher tier matches where you are the lower tier. Or if you are a top tier you will storm the front. Many tanks are fit for your kind of tactic or gameplay. I say it is a good all around game with things needed to tweak