Do not play this garbage game!

User Rating: 1 | World of Tanks PC

It's cute that a some Wargaming employees hiked up this games ratings but trust me... Do not play this game.

- Maps are terrible and outdated. Way too small.

- Accuracy, damage and penetration depend on "RNG" which has a 25% +/- factor which determines whether you actually do damage at all, or get outright trolled.

- The stats the game advertises for vehicles are bunk. There are other "hidden" stats which nerf your tank.

- Artillery class invites trolls who's sole job is to annoy since you can't shoot them back and they just rain damage at will.

- The game model is based on micro transactions which should be reason enough to stay away. This one is particularly bad since without a premium account and/or premium tanks you will not have enough "silver" in-game currency to play your top tier vehicles.

- Technical support is non-existent.

- 3rd party modifications including cheats are rampant.

- Overpowered vehicles at every level which completely break the balance, and Wargaming does nothing about it.... Just releases more.

Trust me. Do not play this game!