World of Tanks now just a money maker

User Rating: 3 | World of Tanks PC


I have been playing world of tanks for nearly five years and watched it evolve in all its forms but this past twelve months has shown just how much the makers value cash rather than players.

I'll keep this short so I may miss some points but to put things simply this is NOT a team game anymore, the in game missions and the drive to earn more XP and credits can only be done at the expense of your "team mates" so don't expect help when cornered by the enemy and your team is trying to to get kills rather than win the match.

Do not play higher than tier 5 on a standard account, anything higher will see you loose credits at a alarming rate without premium membership.

Then the tanks them selves, recently WOT have been introducing new tanks that have never existed and are purposely designed for people who are willing to part with hard cash. Now remember, some of the tank packages cost up to and over £30 and do offer good returns in credits and XP points but there is a word of warning. Once to decide to pay for a tank, especially a new release thinking it will pay for itself you will find that WOT will "turn down the tanks best bits" to make you purchase the next model.

Game Maps, while the maps look nice if you have a system that can use the HD maps. What you will find after a week of playing you will mainly be playing 3-4 maps again and again. Some new players won't find this a problem but even they will realise that the game becomes considerably boring. Most if not all the maps are rehashed old maps with new trees and snow, recently they have introduced a old tier 1-2 map for use with the higher tiers which after one play you would realise how useless the map is.

Complaint system, during the game if a player is being un-sportsman like or verbally abusive etc. there is a complaint system but do not be fooled by it. In all my years of playing I have NEVER heard of anyone being reported via this system and given some sort of punishment. The only instant punishment I have seen is if you kill a team member on purpose and your account is blocked for several hours.

So what to expect from the game and the developers, the game was a great idea when released but has become a money maker without giving much back to the players. Allowing premium tanks with super powered weapons, insane camouflage and armour that only depleted nuclear rounds can penetrate play against normal players without premium account, premium ammunition or premium tanks is just wrong.

I understand this sounds a very scathing review but play the game and find out for yourself, the verbal abuse, racial about and on occasions antisemitism should be enough for the game to be investigated as nothing is done to either prevent of stop this continuing.