Worst Game on the internet

User Rating: 1 | World of Tanks PC

So I started playing video games in 1976. Everything from Space Invaders to Asteroids to WOT and Skyforge. This game has great graphics, but the public matches and the matchmaking system are so bad that any fun in the game is gone. You get placed with tanks you cant possibly harm, invisible tanks in open fields can kill you without being seen, the random number generator for calculating damage makes it so many tanks can kill you with one shot or vice versa you can "bounce" opposing tanks many times irregardless of where you hit it. In addition, after playing the game for 20000 battles, I began to realize that you will win 20 battles in a row, and then lose 20 battles in a row. Doesn't matter how good you are, the game forces you to lose and win in streaks. I wouldn't touch this game if they payed me to play it. Complete waste of time trying to get better because the game is programmed to keep 90% of all players to a 48-52% win rate.