Worth playing for free

User Rating: 4 | World of Tanks (Beta) PS4

Saw this for free on the PSN store and decided to give it a go. At first i was thinking that the game would be unplayable if i don't waste any real life money, but its actually very playable. You can waste real money and buy better ammunition, buy premium account to level up faster, better equipment... it's very unfair advantage, but i guess the dev's have to get money from somewhere.

The fact that this game is free is a big plus. I also love tanks and here they look great! Tank handling is very realistic. Realism is something i look for in games and WoT delivers with realistic tanks and i would say very realistic damage system as well. Tanks have health system, stronger/weaker armor in different areas, shells could even bounce off armor!

It kinda reminds me of Americas Army SF i used to play back in the day. AA:SF was also a free game, actually it was 100% free, while WoT is just F2P and pay to get advantage. AA was extremely realistic, even more than WoT! Well... the truth is that yes it does remind me of the game i used to love, even though WoT is different, the game i was addicted to... the most realistic shooter i ever played. But is WoT as good of a game? Hell no!

Getting to the bad points in this game... the very bad points. The spotting and making system is just retarded and rewards camping. Tanks are pretty much invisible! Yes! What the hell! If you spot a tank everyone in your team with see it, it will get lit up red like a xmas tree! Artillery is very retarded as well, actually artillery is beyond retarded. Artillery must have some onboard super computers with live satellite video and GPS system. Is this World of Tanks? Why is there Artillery!? I don't mind it, but it's just very badly made. And also the public games are all unbalanced. It's pretty much weak tanks vs stronger higher tier tanks every pub. What chance does a poor little tier 5 KV-1 going up against a tier 7 Tiger I have? Retarded...

I had a lot of fun playing this free game, though sometimes it got boring with the high tier tank grinding. I think the main reason i played it was because i was done with Killzone SF and i needed something to keep me busy until Uncharted 4. It's free so why not? It was the worst online game i every got addicted to, but still had fun!

I did great on it, 2.72 KDR. Would be higher if i continued playing, but it's a great KDR considering i wasted $0, i don't pubstomp with clan, and i'm always attacking! I wish there were clan wars on this game as well, but PS4 version has none. At least it didn't the 3 months i played it. Now Uncharted 4 is coming... goodbye WoT!

Note: i give this game a poor rating of 4/10 because there is no single player. I'm rating this game as just an online game with 0 value, like i would rate the good AA:SF a 7/10.