Far out the best Tanker game ever!!!

User Rating: 9 | World of Tanks PC

I started to play with tanks in another game as World of Tanks. I didn't know it existed. Through a friend of mine who invited me to join their clan in World of Tanks I got to know the game. Since then I play every day for several hours, started a clan myself, fight Stronghold battles, make amazing videos 'bout the game, give training exercises, etc.

The game is simply superb!!! There are magnificent in-game mechanics, the choice of the WWII and after-war tanks is just incredible and of course ... everybody can play it because it's a free to play based game! I do play premium. That's also an option in the game. As a premium player everything goes a little bit faster and you have extra advantages. You can choose yourself how much money you put into the game. I can here the criticasters say that Wargaming asks too much for some things the offer in the premium store. But you have to know that this is a free-to-play based game with outstanding graphics and game play elements! These games cost a lot to produce so Wargaming has to get the money one way or another.

I simply love the game! If you are interested in gaming, tanks, war, etc. just download this game and start killing the enemy!