World Of Tanks the Big Russian and American Cheating Game

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Unfortunately with World Of Tanks there is nothing good about the game accept the actual tanks and graphics your playing with. I could and have created a boardgame of World Of Tanks using it's maps handdrawing them and creating a Battleboard that I use with my Axis And Allies Game Pieces. The Random Match Maker Program is completely rigged to the XVM Odds maker program so that the players using Tier 6-10 tanks will win matchs atleast 80% of the time. You try to win any battle on the Match Maker Program at WOTs and some player with about 50 to 100 tanks in their garage will always be on the game weekdays or weekends and make you loose as many as 40 games per day, the Administrators and Moderators of the game as well as the American and Russian Game Designers know the cheating is going on, a faulty Karma Koin Currency Exchange error ridden program makes paying to play nearly impossible since WOT skims money from that program saying "Karma Koin is not our company but an branch company that is linked to us but we do not own." The Customer Support of WOT is nearly non-existant and slanted to players that are involved in televised tournament play rather than Customer Service Client Players.

I advise any people wanting to play WOT not to play it and spend money on such a blantantly cheaters game as World Of Tanks, atleast on the internet are many games you can try but World Of Tanks is not a good game nor is it clean of intergame cheating and the WOT Support Team that defends the cheaters.

Lets go into the nuts and bolts of the game WorldofTanks to examine what more went wrong from 2010 untill now 2016. For instance when the game first came out in Trial Version the WoT-WG hired on a bunch of Moderators and some kindhearted technitions whom really cared about Customer Support and keeping order on the General Chat and in the Battlemaps, the same was somewhat true of the WOT Forums on their website. UNFORTUNATELY all that went arry when WoTs comes up with the idea that they should have Bonus Codes for the socalled "Etanks" that are of the Tier 9s and Tier 9s where all the cheating and cheatbots stems from when from 2011-2012 the game finally comes out to rave reviews and in a few months a fan favorite for gameplayers worldwide. Sadly on the side WorldofTanks employees and Developers are selling fake accounts to their closest friends, players that can afford to buy on creditcards as much as $1000 USD for their habbits and addictions to this crazy game. A few disgruntled employees were fired from WorldofTanks along with a few Moderators but in leaving the business the employees whom were lower leveled Developers and Moderators carried with them information and tradesecrets of the patches from about 1.001 to Patch 9.15! Any other business would have screened the employees going out the door with tradesecrets but sadly War Gaming and WorldofTanks would not.

Very inventive hacker-players of WorldofTanks could not believe their eyes when the former employees and angry ex-moderators handed over the very gutts of WorldofTanks internal programming. Information to key internal information to the Client Accounts and the very important Matchmaker system and Random Number Generator Program that determined when a Player-Client won or lost a game. Player Clients could now "create an falsified account for every tank line they wanted." The Hacker-Player Dreamworld where the Hacker-Player had the ability to corrupt the very Worldwide Servers they wanted to corrupt so they could win games which would win them money and free credits simply by introducing an "Cheatbot Program" that would "trick" the RNG Program that the faked accounts were real and not to track them. Some Player-Clients made as many as 9 Faked accounts that held as many as 100 tanks each and everyone with an aimbot-cheatbot program. Cheatbot-Aimbot Programs: When we examine them closely one wonders if they could really influence Worldwide Servers of WoT so effectively but they most certainly can!!!!! Over the past 5 years the technology for hacking has improved 100%. These kinds of Cheatbot-Aimbot Programs have been used on alot of other internet games with a quite alot of success. Cheatbot Aimbot Programs can- 1. Turn off aimlocks that an victim enemy player has locked on an Cheatbotter's tank, 2. The program can calculate speed and the angle of an enemy tank signalling the Cheatbotter to fire upon the enemy victim's tank with a few as shots possible yet get maximum damage as possible tricking the RNG Program into thinking the cheatbot player has gotten the "kill" fairly only using their normal shooting abilities. 3. The Program allows the Cheatbotter to "ghost tank" themselves from about 5 spaces away from the enemy victim tank to suddenly reappear as close to the victim enemy tanker as much as 1-3 spaces away and also alert other scout tanks and mobile artillery to move to places using the same "stealth cammo" skins where the victim enemy tanker cannot "see" the enemy vehicles untill they reappear "out of thin air" to use Gold Shells upon the enemy victim tanks.

4. The Program actually can slow down the Traverse Speed of the victim enemy tank's turret so the enemy victim tanker cannot get a killing shot more damaging shot on the cheatbotter tanker. The program also can slow down the victim enemy tanker's reload times too.

5. The Program also allows the Cheatbot Tanker to get the highest damage possible upon the enemy victim tanker from "invisible" gold-killing shells. A victim enemy tanker can hear the shells hitting his or her tank but cannot see them when they strike, on the viewscreen it appears that their aimlock targetter indicates the cheatbotter tank has too thick an armor to shoot therefore the enemy victim player cannot fire their guns on their tanks but the Cheatbotter can fire and can destroy any tank on the battlemap thus targetted by the Cheabotter program. 6. The Program can also effect the Random Number Generator Win-Loss Program whereupon it believes that the Cheatbotter has just fired the "winning shot" upon the enemy victim tanker while not allowing the RNG Program to effectively determine any shots have been fired by the Cheatbot Player at all. The RNG Program then reduces the enemy victim's tank to 0 Hitpoints and subtracts the ammo, consumiable and damage upon the enemy victim tanker. Sadly whole Green Team Players fall victim to the Cheatbotters while The Developers and Technitions of WorldofTanks believe that no cheating has occured therefore the Cheatbotter Tankers are crediable.

Between April and June of 2016 it seems all of the Moderators have quit WorldofTanks because of claims of both mental harrassment and sexual harrassment from their management supervisors, internal corruption and favoritism, bribery of some player-clients to the Developers of WorldofTanks and lack of proper pay for the jobs they have done. I seriously wonder is this the game people want to play, knowing all this goes on under our noses?! How much longer can WorldofTanks continue if all these issues are not addressed and solved? WarGaming has said that the Moderation of WoT will be farmed out to a internet business in India while they are hopeful that problems internally with the game can be solved with the use of their "Rebalancing Sandbox". I yet to see much solved in WorldofTanks and as a player of the game I am very dissappointed.