Becoming a tank flavored run and gun game.

User Rating: 2 | World of Tanks PC

This game is fun to play, if you can ever manage to learn how to play it. provides absolutely no useful instruction on how to play the game effectively, they teach you how to drive the tanks and shoot a gun but nothing more. They don't teach players any kind of skills that are required to play the game such as situational awareness or tactical analysis skills. And if a player asks for help they are either bombarded by overly specific information that can overwhelm them or completely unhelpful jerks who just skullbash the new player for not learning how to play the game properly. And only continues to encourage this by running events and adding new things to draw people in which leads to these new people running around without a clue trying to complete the new missions or achieve the bonuses being offered. World of Tanks is becoming little more then a tanks flavored bland run and gun game rather then a unique and fun thoughtful tactical game.