rip off

User Rating: 2 | World of Tanks PC

If you want to play a game that locks you into percentage brackets , which means you don't get anywhere , you play good but wot locks you in then you get bad teams most of the time , so the game is not worth it , my advice don't waste your money or your time . Also there is a lot of running people down amoung the so called good players that wot has allowed to be good by giving them good teams , not for kids that cant take online bulleying cause there is a lot on this game , and they don't do nothing about it. WOT controls the game so they decide who wins or loses by match making , don't be fooled by players that say that they studied and all about there tanks , and all that crap , random battles is about team battles and they control it , not you , you can be good but your team is always crapy , so you wont get anywhere . The game is not honest game to be honest , oh 1 other thing , they make videos of players and laugh at them when they try and teach you something they think they are anyways so hopefully your kid or anybody else cant handle that don't play , by the way that's there own so called game makers that do that , so what does that tell you when they laugh and put you down . Good luck if you do play , give them this they do have a good game but the people running it are not.