WoT Monitor Gadget for Windows 7,XP,Vista,8

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Main features: 1. Displays player's achievements. 2. Displays last 2-weeks statistics . 3. Displays the list of clan's battles. 4. Tanks-Radio-Player. 5. Radio-Alarm for clan's battles . 6. Pinging all the WoT clasters. 7. Connection test. 8. Search for a partner to "Platoon for two heroes". 9. Searching the partners to "Platoon for three heroes". 10. Searching for a clan. 11. Searching the tankers to clan. 12. Banners from the World of Tanks. 13. User-defined picture instead of banners. 14. Skins Gadget Web Site: http://sites.google.com/site/wotmonitor/home Download latest version: http://sites.google.com/site/wotmonitor/download
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Hello, Good news, just born new App for Windows Phone. WoTAcademy Must have for World of Tanks (W.o.T.) players. For 0.8 version.Vehicles parameters,Tech Tree for USSR, Germany, France, USA, UK, China vehicles. Find us and download for free from Windows Phone Market. Like us on Facebook and folow on Twitter.