World of tanks Gold scam

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I started to enjoy the game and wanted to advance faster then just grinding away so i read the in game guide and the " Benifits of Gold Guide" which tells why you should spend cash for there in game currency. The guide says you need gold to buy a premuim account and gold is the only way to buy a premuim tank. Well I went and bought $100 worth of game cards and bought 25000 gold, i used half of it to buy a 6 month premuim membership and the rest i planned on buying a Type59 premuim tank. I tried to buy the Type59 but couldnt get it to work so I contacted customer support and they said they would look into it. Support contacted me back and said they confirmed I had spent the $100 and bought the 6 month membership and still had $50 worth of gold in my account but i couldnt buy the premuim Type59 tank because it was in the Gift Shop part of the game. I asked why that should matter because i followed there Gold Guide which states you can only buy premuim tanks with gold, nowhere did it say unless its in the Gift Shop. I went back and double checked the guide and it doesnt say there are ANY restrictions on Gold after you buy it! Well after going back and forth about 10 times in complaint tickets all they can say is sorry for the confusion but if I want the premuim tank i have to give them $35 dollars more even tho i have $50 in my account. HOW did I get confused?? I followed the GAME GUIDE?? This just shows how WARGAMING pulls underhanded tricks to get more money and keep there FREE TO PLAY game going.
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In case you did not know, the type 59 is only available at certain times in the game's gift shop (Yes you can gift it to yourself). If you want to buy a premium tank anytime, you are limited to those available in the in game store which can be viewed from the store or the tech tree. Hope this helps you out.
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The gift shop is a seperate web page and the items on there can only be purchased with real world money.

There are premium tanks available in game that you can buy with gold, at no point on the gift site does it mention being able to buy those gifts with in game gold.

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CYBERTOOTH1111, you are probably better off complaining in the forums on the World of Tanks sites. Do refrain from insulting the game-makers though - they delete such posts very quickly.