great atmosphere(music),smooth and fast controls!!!l

User Rating: 9 | World of Goo WII

....a game many people known before from the pc or mac!
it feels like a typical PC puzzle-game like lemmings,worms...
the only difference are the controls, the wiimote gives you a fast touch on the goos. in my opinion better as with the mouse,game pad...
the difficulty level is ok, for hardcore puzzle solvers too easy maybe.
most of all i like the presentation of the game.a stylish look comibined with the nice soundtrack guarantees you some relaxed hours in the gooworld.
the game reminds me of tim burton movies or munchs odyssey, i dont know why!?!the price for the download is fair!i think its the best wii ware game you can get by now!gameplay like in the GOO-d old days!!!

great atmosphere(music)
smooth and fast controls
innovative puzzles