Charmingly addictive which makes you Goo your pants.

User Rating: 9.5 | World of Goo WII
What its all about:

You control little Goo's to make and create structures all which obey the laws of physics. As you progress you will discover new and even more interesting Goo's with different abilities. Your goal is to use your brain to get your Goo's into a pipe which all takes place in beautiful interactive environments.

Why you should buy Goo:

Goo is an impressive game for WiiWare which everyone should support.
Its hard to believe that just 2 people created this game which is so deep and immersive you would swear it came out of Nintendo's factory. The gameplay is extremely addictive and great for anyone to simply pick up and play. Goo is the kind of game you want to have on your Wii if you have people over. Not only is it fun and clever, but it encourages other people to get involved in how your solving the puzzles. The multiplayer is impressive as it allows anyone to simple pick up another remote and help another player build and solve puzzles.

From an artistic standpoint, World of Goo dazzles with its visuals and rocks with its sound leaving the game with a solid epic feel. The design of each new level will put a smile on your face and a new wrinkle in your brain as it challenges with gameplay and rewards with visuals.

In Closing:

Every Wii deserves some Goo inside and we should all reward these 2 guys with Moo -la- for their efforts and support for the Wii console. If you miss out on this game your missing out on an amazing experience.

Mixing Beer and Friends with some Goo can cause loud and silly behavior which can last for hour.

Goo Wisely,