A Highly addictive puzzle game that has to be experienced.

User Rating: 9 | World of Goo WII

If you have a Wii and want to download a game from the WiiWare service, then World of Goo is for you ( I didn't try to rhyme on purpose). World of Goo is a smart puzzle game that makes you think. The gameplay in this game is quite simple; attach goo balls onto each other to reach a pipe that will suck in the remaining unused goo balls. But it isn't that easy. There will be many obstacles in your way so you'll have to devise a plan.

Attaching goo balls is like connecting triangles to create a web-like structure. You'll see an outline of the triangle before you connect the goo balls. The physics is what makes this game stand out. When you build you have to consider the structure as if it was an actual structure. In other words, if you have too much weight on one side, it will tip over. You'll have to think about what to do rather than start building recklessly. Like I mentioned earlier, there will be obstacles to overcome in order to reach the pipe. Obstacles include spikes, cliffs, water, fire, and much more. Wind also plays a role.

The controls are simple, just point at the screen and pick up goo ball by holding A and attach it to the structure by releasing A. To move the camera you have to point the cursor at the edge of the screen in the desired direction for it to move. Sometimes the screen moves too slow to keep up with the action. But this is only a minor problem. This game can also support up to four players! The game is played by a level to level basis. Once you complete a level, the next level is unlocked.In order to complete a level you will have to "save" a specific amount of goo balls. You'll save goo balls when you build close enough to the pipe so it can suck in a part of you're structure. Then the remaining goo balls will get sucked in. There are four chapters filled with many levels in each. Once you complete them all you get to play the epilogue, which is like the final chapter.

There are many different types of goo balls that you'll have to use to complete levels. The normal ones are black that attach normally and cannot be detached. There are white ones that start to droop when attached. There are also green ones that can be detached. There are more goo balls but you'll have to play it. In addition to the chapters, there is an extra mode called, "The World of Goo Corporation." This mode is played basically as a free building mode. All of the extra goo balls that you saved will be sent here so you can build whatever you want. The wi-fi connection is applied here so you can see how high other people built there structures.

World of Goo is a fantastic game that will make you think. It is made entirely by two guys! It may be a little pricey for a downloadable game, costing you 1500 Wii points ($15), but is is well worth the purchase.

I hoped you found this review helpful. It is only my second review so thank you for reading.