One of the greatest puzzle games of all time.

User Rating: 9.5 | World of Goo WII
Pros :
- Unique puzzles
- Great graphics
- Awesome music

Cons :
- A bit short

World of Goo is simply one of the best puzzle games ever created.

Goo's puzzle system is unique and original, by making you use the wii remote to pick up the goos and build structures with them to reach the end of the level, usually the pipe. With a limited amount of goos, you have to build the structure so that you meet the minimum amout of goos required, creating replayability value as you try to meet the O.C.D. Challenge. The music is fantastic and never seems to get old. You can meet different types of goos as you move along which do different things for you. Also, some different enviorments can be adjusted by using baloons and other objects. Physics is a key aspect in these puzzles, because if you build an unstable structure, it will colapse.

World of Goo, for its price of only 15 $ is a must buy for anyone who owns a wii.