A fantastic Real Time Tactics game, that draws you in with impressive visuals, voice acting and gameplay.

User Rating: 10 | World in Conflict (Collector's Edition) PC
In World in Conflict you play as Lt. Parker, who was in Seattle while on leave and there is a Russian invasion of Seattle and you have to fight your way out of Seattle. You also have to take part in various battles which rage across America, Europe and Russia.

World in Conflict has done away with the base building and instead has a system where you can call in reinforcements by using reinforcement points, what is great about this system is that even if you lose a unit(s) the points are refunded so you can keep fighting, so there isn't any need to play on defense that much. You also don't have to worry about losing a specific building like on other RTS games.

Another system is called "Fire Support" and you can call in things such as Artillery bombardments, Air Strikes etc. This system is also very good as in the campaign you gain Fire support points for killing enemies and completing objectives.

Control wise it takes some getting used to, you see the camera is controlled ala FPS controls so you have to use the WSAD keys to move the camera around, the mouse is used for rotating the view and zooming in. Although this might be confusing for World in Conflict it is actually very useful, you can quickly get to an area of the battle should you need it.

The story of the game is amazing, through the excellent voice acting. You also get to hear stories during the loading screens, and generally the story will pull you in.

Graphics wise the game is fantastic, even on low settings. The destruction, and explosions look really cool, and aid in making this game more immersive and addictive.

Overall I recommend you get this game it's well worth it.