Looks amazing, if you've got the system to run this game that is :)

User Rating: 9 | World in Conflict (Collector's Edition) PC
If you're tired of the traditional "build a base, get resources, attack the ennemy" then this is for you. With no base building or resource collecting whatsoever, the game allows players to focus their attention on the battle at hand. This game excels at multiplayer, and while the single-player campagn is fun, it doesn't even compare to the excitement of playing a 6 on 6 match with real players to coordinate your attacks with.

And that's THE key component to this game, coordination. As you start out, you pick a specialty - ground, air, support or infantry - each allowing you to recruit the full tree of units in that specialty. You can still recruit tanks as an infantry player, but you won't have access to the highest ranking tanks and they'll cost almost double! This is where allied coordination comes in, if one player chooses tank, a great combo is usually support *AA & artillery*. Although many will compare this with a complicated version of "rock, paper, scissors", trust me, it's alot more fun than that. You'll lose you're whole squadron of heavy heli's when the ai spawns a bunch of heavy AA out of nowhere but asside from that, there aren't any real annoyances. Supplies are automaticly generated over time, most common game type to play is Domination where you have to capture as many "bases" as possible.