Great stand alone, but not expansion

User Rating: 9.5 | World in Conflict: Soviet Assault PC
World in conflict was one of my favorite games of all time. That said this is just World in conflict with w few extra levels, and not even the best levels. I got it for $5 as a digital download including the original, at this price I don't regret buying it, even the second time. I recommend that anyone buy it for the current $20 for the gold edition if you don't already own it.

The multiplayer is great because it plays like and FPS, fast drop in and respawn, none of this waiting 3 hour for a game with a friend to end and then having a player drop 30 minutes in. This game is action to the end in any multiplayer battle. It is a staple at my lan parties and I've got copies on all of my pcs, well the ones that can run it. IT runs on most older and cheaper PC's and even looks great with a built in benchmark, but I have had a few friends laptops that could not run it.

If you do already own World in conflict I suggest Men of honor, or supreme commander gold, both are also available for around $20 fairly often online.