Great Soviet Campaign, just that its far too short for just six mission and a very bad ending mission.

User Rating: 7.5 | World in Conflict: Soviet Assault PC
First of all, I'm a fan of RTS games. I've played some of the well-known(and very expensive)RTS games. The first time I played World in Conflict, it was a brand new type of RTS games. Its a fast, intense and very fun game with great campaign and a good storyline.

Soviet Assault its actually not a bad game either. Just that unlike must RTS games, where the Russian got a altternative great ending. This game doesn't offer much about alternative ending. The game was dated during the Offensive of West Germany to the Retreat of US soil. It has a total of six mission in between two to three US and NATO mission. If for new gamers, this is something new and interesting. But most who play Soviet Assault are pretty mush played the first title before getting thier hands on this one.

After an intense 10 to 20 minutes of Soviet bombartment and tanks roling down West Berlin ended. Then come another two pretty annoying US mission before having another chance to touch the Soviet arm force again. The progress goes on until you finally got a nasty ending ending of Soviet Sergant shoot his own commander and hastily retreat from the US(talking about a bad ending can't be unavoidable). Then the US got thier epic ending by defeting the remains of the Soviets and even able to listen thier portable CD player.......(Happen all over again!) If you played Red Alert 3 and think of it its at least have a better ending for both side(I mean three side).

The graphics is a good as ever and I think that its a far better game engine than most Xbox360 and PS3 has to offer. Superb detail, realistic explosion and intense atmosphere. The multiplayer gameplay is simple and straightfoward, which is have the much needed replayable value. Just that it din't offer a lot, no brand new units....(where are the T-72s?). The patch is good but offer noting new.

Hopefully the next World in Conflict will have equal mission and endings for both side and new units to toy with.