An average expansion to an amazing game is not what was expected

User Rating: 7.5 | World in Conflict: Soviet Assault PC
1. Gameplay - Not much of a gameplay change has been implemented. Worse still, certain technical glitches were not addressed and as such had to be patched to overcome them. The only notable change that I noticed was that when a group or squad of units were selected, in the previous game, we just saw the special abilities listed for the units. However, we would be unsure as to how many had already spent their abilities and how many still were capable of delivering. This would cause a major bottleneck in strategy and tactics planning. Like if you wanted to keep a few special abilities in reserver, you would have to individually select and see whether it was spent or not. However, in Soviet Assault, when you select a squad, they show the special abilities along with a counter of how many special abilities may still be used. Thus if you select 5 light tanks, you'll see the Missile ability as well as a 5/5 beside it. As you use the abilities, the counter decreases. Other than this major improvement, no other improvements were noted. As an addition 6 extra maps have been added as the Soviet Campaign. But the campaign cannot be separately played from the rest of the campaign. Thus it is better to install both the original and the expansion game, and then play it as a whole.

2. Story - The story is nearly the same. It is just fills up a few holes in the US campaign story line. Here you play as Lieutenant Romanov of the Red Army. You are first instructed to attack a West German base as a prelude to the Soviet Invasion of the US. There are only 6 missions that feature as the Soviet Campaign.

Graphics, Music and Sounds have not been changed much and as such is nothing much to talk about.

All in all, we had expected something better from the creators, but all they did was disappoint us with this microscopic expansion