Super Monkey Ball's Pool is MUCH better than this waste of time.

User Rating: 1.6 | World Championship Pool 2004 XBOX
I can't believe the GS score is so high for this game. This game is the pool equivalent of AMF Bowling 2004, and that means it is BAD Horrible graphics, stuttery animation, and the gameplay is simply NOT fun. The pool cue's stroke meter is controlled by tapping the A button after manually selecting the power. Lame. They should have properly used the analog stick for this like golf games do. The only redeeming quality is custom soundtracks. This game is so poor, its not even worth a rental. It is sad that no console pool game holds up against Virtual Pool 3 on the PC. They are not even close! The only decent game of pool I've played on a console is the pool mini-game in Super Monkey Ball! If you must have a standalone console pool game, try Pool Paradise for the Gamecube. It's not great, but it is reasonably fun and higher quality than this trash. I will repeat, the BEST game of pool to be had on a console in terms of playability and fun is the Monkey Pool mini-game from the Super Monkey Ball games (now available for all consoles!). Sad, but true.