The game itself is bland. But I like that it actually has different versions of poker to practice.

User Rating: 5 | World Championship Poker PS2
The gameplay is nothing. It's an easy game to beat. The computer players call down with nothing. And really poker when your not playing with real people atleast online isn't much fun. However, the game did help me become a little better at a couple other games on my own. It's the only poker playstation game I've played, but I'm guessing it's the worst of them. You might find a little bit of fun at it, but it will wear off quickly. Stick to online poker. I found this game half off at game stop and got it for a buck. The computer players will call you down with nothing, they don't do the things that human players would do. I built up a couple pots in limit by just raising back and forth with the computer knowing I was going to win. Also they don't even have a good tournament system. There's always only one table. When it's down to 7 people in the tournament someone is just sitting out til another is knocked out. That's just lame.