Been done before, but better. Don't waste your time.

User Rating: 1 | Wonder World Amusement Park WII
This is one of the stupidest wii games ever. It's a copy of all the other stupid wii games like carnival, playground, summer sports, winter sports, only this is the absolute worst. Don't even waste your money renting it like I did. You hit moles, shoot bottles, catch frogs, put together puzzles (very annoying), and other equally annoying things. The instructions are semi-clear and you can go back and review them. Your 8 year old niece or nephew might enjoy playing this, but that's as far as it goes. An additional word of warning if you do decide to rent this. Some of the games require a nun chuck, so if you want to play against others, make sure there's a nun chuck for each controller. Don't say I didn't warn you. Games like Raving Rabbids I and II are much better and even Mario Party 8 is. I know the wii was made for games like this, but let's try and think up an original variation on this genre. Or else come out with more games like No More Heroes-one of the best games ever for wii, or any system for that matter.