So what did you enjoy/dislike most about this game ????

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Just beat this game and I have to say I loved every minute of it. Being a big fps fan as it is I had to pick up and play this title-and honestly its one of the few next gen titles I actually enjoyed. My favorite parts in the game where being able to stealth kill satisfying. I also liked the weapons-dual wielding two shotguns or rifles =trigger happiness. I loved the scatter shotgun-just seeing eniemies destroyed by the bouncing bullets was so entertaining So now it's your turn what did you like or dislike best in wolfenstein??????

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Late reply, but it was awesome, no doubt. I was surprised at the storyline, very cinematic! I played the 360 version and visuals were still impressive. It was fun all-round as well. I normally enjoy running and gunning, but the stealth parts were satisfying. If you didn't sneak, more guards will be alerted and does make things a tad more difficult on the higher difficulties. Über is freakin' brutal, yet challenging.

Dual-wielding is also satisfying! It brought back some GoldenEye/Perfect Dark multiplayer nostalgia. It's too bad there's no online multiplayer either, I nearly forgot about it. The storyline and gameplay was good enough to keep me going though. I don't know if you remember the previous Wolftenstein game back in 2009, but that was also a great game too. That 2009 release had multiplayer, great storyline too, and customizable weapons. TNO excels at a more cinematic storyline, some parts remind me of Inglorious Bastards movie. It also excels at being graphically superior and being the better shooter with more faced-past levels, vs feeling crammed in very linear-feeling levels.

I'll be upgrading to a PS4 very soon, and even though I own the game for Xbox 360, I want to experience TNO in higher-def again. I'm very excited to see The New Blood come out, that was a nice little surprise as well. Sticking to my last gen systems is starting to take its toll. Eventually id software will release the next Doom game and I'll be forced to upgrade finally after that.

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@cs1323 Thanks for the response, and lol I am a bit late in responding since I sorta gave up when nobody replied to this topic ^__^;;;. Wow, ya tried it on uber, props to ya then 'cuz I only tried it on hard and I remember some parts were tricky on that diffuculty *_*.

I actually never got the chance to try out that wolfenstein but it sounds interesting, since I still have my ps3 I may give it a try ;)

Very cool, I think you will enjoy the ps4, the graphics are excellent in terms of consoles and the games are coming out slowly but they have some decent quality titles worth picking up. Oh yeah I totally forgot about the new order, is that digital or do they have a disc? Thats one more game I need to play lol.

Hmmm yeah I understand the need to upgrade, i actually just picked up a xbox1 finally because gow4 (diehard gears fan) is gonna be released plus i got a sweet deal too. E3 showed some quality games this year and yup doom caught my eye too! Have ya ever tried the bfg edition on the xbox360 or pc? Good stuff.

Thanks again gor the response and cya on the forums!