Outdated, but still worth buying, it was fun back then, and it's just as fun today.

User Rating: 8 | Wolfenstein 3D PS3
First person shooters today are one of the most popular genres, and it has also evolved a great deal over the years. Today, all first person shooters are bound to have multiplayer, set pieces and of course the ability to look all around you. But let's go back to 1992, the first person genre was new and along came a little game called Wolfenstein 3D. Back then, the game impressed gamers and it received numerous awards and praise. 17 years after, the game is re-released for Xbox Live and Playstation Network, but how does the game hold up after all these years?

You play as William "B.J." Blazkowicz, you're caught by the nazi's and are attempting to escape from Castle Wolfenstein and overthrow the Nazi regime. There's no real story in the game, so it's best to play without one.

The game is a simple first person shooter, and by that I mean very simple. You can strafe and all, but you can't look up or down, you can only look to the left or right, you can't crouch and you can't jump, and if your not cool with that, then this is gonna be a huge deal breaker. Most levels have you running around, finding a key for the exit. Sounds simple but trust me, it ain't. The problem is, that the levels sometimes can be huge, and there's no map in the game, so you can literally wander around for hours without completing a level. Adding to that are secret walls which sometimes contains the key you need, or some secret treasures or bonus lives. The game is split across 6 episodes, each with 9 levels and 10th being secret. At floor 9, you usually encounter a boss, and while they aren't especially hard, they still require the players to focus. The game itself isn't especially hard, but you do need to turn around the corner fast, or you'll easily be killed.

Getting lost isn't the only problem Wolfenstein 3D has. Another problem is that there are just not enough weapons. You start with a handgun and a (useless) knife, and later you'll find a machine gun, and a Gatling gun, and that's it. While sniper rifles and other weapons aren't something I expected to find (or even needed too), I were a bit surprised that there weren't any rocket launchers or grenades, but whatever now I'm just nitpicking. But even though it has it's problems, it doesn't hinder the best thing about the whole game. it's fun! Sure you can wander around endlessly, but it's so fun playing, shooting Nazi's and stealing their gold, it's so fun, that you don't mind it's problems. The bosses are actually fun to kill too, especially Hitler.

As mentioned earlier, the game is split up into 6 episodes, each containing 10 levels (whereas the 10th level is secret), and it should take around 30 mins to an hour to complete, so it's a short game, and after you've played through it, you probably won't play it again, unless your after trophies/achievements or if you just enjoy shooting the hell outta Hitler.


The graphics haven't been updated, so you get the same look as you did in 1992, which while it does look terribly outdated by today, isn't bad. It kinda has it's charm of it, and brings some nostalgia back. The game also runs very smoothly. The highlights of the graphics are of course the violence and death cam kills, which are actually funny.


The music is terribly outdated as well, but it does make you laugh sometimes. The Nazi's speaks (incorrect, I think) German when they see you or get shot, which does add well to the game. But besides that, there's not a lot of sound really.


It looks sounds and plays outdated, but it doesn't matter. Wolfenstein 3D was a load of fun when it was released and it still is today. It's recommended for the existing FPS fans, so they can see where most of the genre started and to get some good quality fun, even if it looks outdated. But for people who had Wolfenstein 3D on the MAC, PC or whatever, then there's not much reason to buy this version, as it adds nothing new.