Back when the game's were simple and fun.

User Rating: 9.1 | Wolfenstein 3D PC
*Note: I rated this based on when it first came out.

:Good Idea:
·Well, apparently doing a first person shooter was a great idea. id Software couldn't have become more famous without the start of this and Doom.
·Running against a wall and hitting the space bar. That's a terrific idea since it usually leads to treasures which make that awesome sound when you collect them.
·Classic Memory: Getting to Mr. Hitler, seeing him in a big robot suit, and beating the crap out of him with a chaingun.

:Bad Idea:
·No multiplayer, and even after all these years, no patch for some type of multiplayer.
·Since it was new, you really couldn't look around with the mouse. Up and down looking was pretty much disabled.
·Remember Apogee? Yeah. I feel old now.

·It may be old and weird, but this is truly the first of the first person shooters, and for it's time, was really a great game. If you've played it back when it first came out, you'll well remember the