It launched the console & it defined the console.My favourite PS1 game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Wipeout (Platinum) PS
this is a futuristic jet simulator...a racing competition set in the 2nd half of the 21st century.maybe i'll be lucky enough to witness this kind of future:).the ship that you pilot levitates like it's over an magnetic field.
this game is one of the first games released for the sony ps1,in 1995.made by the masochistic's a hard game,it tests your skills & patience almost at the maximum.
the graphics are awesome-still great in 2009!the music is obssesive-it's specific with the mid 90's-trance,rave,techno that makes the game a true classic for the ps1.
there are 2 classes-venom,for the advanced & rapier for the experts.this game is not for beginers.this game was inspired from the snes's f-zero which is almost the same thing but 2d.
there are 6 races for each have to finish the championship in the first 3 to unlock rapier mode.
through-out the game you levitate which gives you a great gameplay,a great some places on the track,there are patches with speed boosts or weapons.go over them to pick the features up.
you must drive carefully because once you interact with the walls frustration will come,the best way to avoid that is to constantly press L or R buttons when needed.
this game simply refuses to get old,to get dated!it's not showing even the most sligh sign of get it,to experience the future because you will really feel like you're in the future when playing it!