Why have you aged so poorly?!

User Rating: 5 | Wipeout SAT
Yeah. I picked this up for my Saturn and popped it in and started my first race.. only to be completely disappointed. It has aged horribly, from the muddy polygonal nightmare of a vehicle that you are forced to look at (unless you prefer racing in the game in first-person- didn't think so), the controls being unresponsive (yes even on the infamous Saturn controller it can happen), and in general just how boring a "sci-fi themed race in the future" actually was. You bounce into other vehicles on the track constantly, their are multiple instances where you'll pick up a boost only to slam out of the track into THE BLACK VOID/ THE EDGE OF THE TRACK! on say a tight turn... the weapons are useless and the whole focus point of the gameplay- which is "futuristic racing" ends up feeling like a chore in the end. I soon found myself saying out loud: "Is this it?" Apparently yes it is. With hardly any of the cosmetic features and depth that other racing games had at the time, it just ends up feeling like some old tech demo that you might have played in passing at a Funcoland when you were younger, but even then you would've picked it up for a moment thought: "thats kinda cool I guess..." then bought a Playstation 1 and Gran Turismo.