It had a lot of potential, but it with bad controls, this just doesn't work.

User Rating: 5 | Wipeout (Platinum) PS
This is a okay game, there is nothing great about it. I did play the PS3/PSP version of it,and although they are the same, I prefer the PSP version, the required D-Pad is a lot more comfortable. It had a lot of potential, it had the right idea, the thing that really got me was the mixture of a steep learning curve, bad controls, and just not enough to do. Now I do realize that this was made in 1994, and it is a really good game for the time period, but it just doesn't covert the things that make a good game great.

Fast intense races
Awesome graphics for the time period
They had a good idea
Nice tracks

Over-sensitive controls are really annoying and make the game even harder than what it already is
6 tracks, 4 cars/hovercrafts/whatever you want to call them, make it a game that won't keep you interested for long
The car things all handle the exact same
Really Hard
PSP/PS3 you can't use the joy stick.

I wouldn't say this was a waste of money when I got it for $6 but I wouldn't recommend it, the cumbersome controls and steep learning curve really just make it a frustrating game overall.