User Rating: 9.7 | Wipeout 2097 (Platinum) PS
Wipeout XL is the finest game in the series. Wipeout redefined the whole "racing" generation, but XL took it to the next level! Everything about XL is just awesome, the graphics are a bit cleaner, sound is just great, and the control is just perfect! The sound in this game features music from top artists such as Prodigy and Chemical Brothers, and plenty of other techno superstars! There are plenty of tracks to choose from, while most of them are just an "upgrade" from the first Wipeout, rest of the tracks are just way too awesome to describe! It's close to riding a rollercoaster you could get, because you would see cool little things like the moving ad boards, or the moving trains...etc. Control is just perfect, as you take corners with ease! Overall, i was really happy with this game, and enjoyed it while it lasted. I wish Wipeout 3 and Fusion was just as fun this game!