With all their HD efforts, they cannot surpass the XL!

User Rating: 9 | Wipeout 2097 (Platinum) PS
Wipeout XL aka 2097 is the first sequel in the series.A breakthrough from the somehow dissapointing original from 1995.The original had everything except Gameplay.Wipeout XL has everything+Gameplay & it surpasses the original in every aspect & it surpasses each & every other Wipeout Game that came after.Back then, this was a new concept, a new ideea, something fresh & innovative.It took the F-Zero concept further, from 2D, from Mode 7 to full 3D.
Wipeout XL has a nearly flawless gameplay, such a giant leap from the masochistic gameplay of the original, they've refined it & made it almost perfect!You can have full speed while turning at corners;it has amazing lighting effects & special effects.The weapons are awesome-the voice that you hear everytime you pick up a weapon is in fact professor Hawkins voice-that is truly original(what?you don't know professor Hawkins from Dexter's Laboratory?or the same one from reality?:)In it's time this game simply had no rival, it swept all competition apart just like Nirvana did with Smells like teen Spirit 5 years before.It's rivals Mario Kart 64, Daytona USA,Need for Speed 1 & 2 & others don't even need to be mentioned.
The soundtrack was made by music legends like-The Chemical Brothers & Prodigy-a cybernetic-industrial music that plugs you into another world & never lets you go.The best music track is nr#2-Landmass & the instrumental version of Firestarter of course...does HD Fury have Firestarter in the Playlist?Of course not!
There are 4 Race Classes & 4 Teams-6 Race tracks+2 to be Unlocked.This is my only complaint about the game-it doesn't have enough Race Tracks-6 or 8 more of them & a little Graphics Update & you have the Greatest Racing Game of all Time-Yeah!I'm not Kidding!6 or 8 more Race Tracks & a little Enhanced Graphics & you have the Greatest Racing Game of all Time.Well, if you know how to play it of course-if you're a noob & bomp at every corner of course it becomes frustrating & not that great but when you do a perfect lap with a Fast Vehicle while listening Firestarter you know it's the Best God damn experience in the World!& it doesn't have Framerate issues, problems.& it's even more amazing how the ps1, with only a fraction of PS3's power has managed to create such an Outstanding Game.
The Bottom Line-Wipeout XL was ahead of it's time & even if it's graphics are "dead" nowadays, it's gameplay & overall feel will never die.It has the best gameplay & feeling from the entire series.