Great DLC for an already great game.

User Rating: 8 | WipEout HD Fury PS3
The Fury expansion includes one more campaign with another 80 events to play, as well as new vehicles, tracks and game modes. New modes are Detonator, Zone Battle and Eliminator.

In Detonator your objective is to clear out the track littered by mines and bombs by shooting projectiles as you survive to the next lap which steps up the difficulty. Zone Battle is essentially Zone with other players as well, but with the addition of energy accumulation which can be used to jump up in zones and placing mines or barriers to hinder other participants, the first one to reach a certain zone wins. In Eliminator you gain score by blowing up other racers with regular weapons, a new feature was introduced here so you can turn by 180 and shoot those behind you, or simply race in reverse with ease.

The new tracks will push you to the limits as you strain yourself to master the new tricky corners and memorize all of the taunting routes. The Fury expansion is the perfect way to complete your Wipeout HD experience.