WipEout HD Fury is one of those games that you dream about at night and wake up early just to play

User Rating: 10 | WipEout HD Fury PS3
Gameplay: 10/10
WipEout HD Fury is packed with addictive racing action in its core, but besides the usual racing mode the fans already kow and love you get some other rather interesting modes, the best beeing Zone Mode and Eliminator. On the first one you´ll find youself racing lap after lap on a track of your choice at ever increasing speed, there will be, eventually, a point where the speed is beyond your skill level and the ship will explode from the damage. This might sound boring, but the great music and special flashy graphics will immerse you in a way never before seen, you´ll find yourseld totally ignoring your surroundings while completly focusing on reaching that elusive next zone.
Eliminator, like the name says, is basically complete HAVOK. In this mode your objective is to collect weapons and eliminate the competition. This mode is by far the best, its excellent when you play by yourself and even better when played online with skilled players.
Another mode is detonator where you will go around a track at ever increasing speed while blasting targets with machine guns and EMP, not as exciting as the other ones but still very fun.
You will also get Zone Battle where you basically have to try to reach a certain zone before your enemys in order to win, this mode is probably the most challenging of them all although not as fun in my opinion.

However, be aware this game is not for everyone, it is very hard and can be frustrating at times, if you want to become good at it you will have to spent lots of time perfecting your ship control skills.

Replay Value: 10/10
With several challenges to complete and lots of game modes, you can rest assure you will be coming back for more whenever you can.

Sound: 20/10
The basic soundtrack by itself is amazing, but with the option to add your own music to the game, the soundtrack is just as good as you want it to be.

Visuals: 10/10
Studio Liverpool pushes the PS3 to a level very few did. Amazing detailed ships, colourful highly detailed tracks, awsome weapons and particle effects, the visuals are flawless, probably the best looking game of this generation.

The bottom line is that this game is an instant classic, several year from now this game will probably be in the top charts of the best games ever created. Just thinking about it and its insane fast pace action can put a big smile on your face and make you crave for more, if you have the opportunity get the retail copy, its money well spent and will look awsome in your collection shelve.